What are Natural Surroundings


Look around. What do you see in your surroundings? Things, objects and conditions around us are our surroundings. Our surroundings include plants, animals, water, land, the air, the sun, the sky, buildings, roads, etc.When there are naturally formed things around us, we are in natural surroundings. Remember we read about landforms, water and naturally made things in the previous class.

What are Natural Surroundings?

Mountains, rocks, rivers, etc., are part of our natural surroundings.Naturally-made things like the Sun , the Moon, clouds, water, trees, etc., are part of natural surroundings.

Forests, deserts, mountains, seas are natural things. When we go to a forest, we see trees, plants, birds and animals that we see around us were not planted by anybody but occured naturally.

Some of the natural surroundings we see are as follows:

Forests or woodlands: These are areas with a dense growth of trees. Woodlands may be big or small, depending on the size of the area it covers. Woodlands that cover very large areas are called Forests.

Meadows or grasslands: These are vast areas with grasses or plants. Trees are few and away from each other. Meadows are small grasslands and are used for grazing the cattle.

Deserts: They are areas covered by sand. Very few plants and trees grow in deserts.

Mountains and hills: They are large land forms that stretche above the land in a limited area, usually in the form of a peak. A mountain is steeper than a hill.

Rivers: They are natural flowing freshwater bodies. They start from hills or mountains and go into a sea.

Lakes and ponds: They are water bodies with land on all sides. Lakes are larger than ponds.

Seas and Oceans: They are very large salt water bodies.