1. The test consists of 5 MCQs.

2. You can attempt any question at random but sequential answering is suggested.

3. If you wish, the EXPLANATION can be viewed immediately after answering a question. If not, you can see at the end of the test.

4. After completing the test, click FINISH button to view your PERFORMANCE REPORT.

5. Your option to a particular question will be locked if you have viewed its EXPLANATION.
All the options answered will be locked after hitting the FINISH button. Until then you can change your option(s).

6. Remember this is not a test of speed. However, the time taken to complete the test and number of hints used are displayed in the report.

  • 1. The most electropositive element is
    (I) Al   (II) B   (III) Ga   (IV) Tl   (V) In

    • a)  I
    • b)  II
    • c)  III
    • d)  V
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  • 2. The stability of + 1 oxidation state increases in the sequence

    • a) Tl < In < Ga < Al
    • b) In < Tl < Ga < Al
    • c) Ga < In < Al < Tl
    • d) Al < Ga < In < Tl
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  • 3. The metal that expands on solidification is

    • a)  Ga
    • b)  Al
    • c)  Zn
    • d)  Cu
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  • 4. Successive ionization energies of Li and B in kJ/mole

    IE1 IE2 IE3
    Li 520 7298 11815
    B 800 2427 3660
    The second ionization energies of Li and B are very high compared to 1st ionization energies. The reason for this is

    • a)  Noble gas configuration of Li+ and B+
    • b)  Completely filled 's' orbitals in Li+ and B+
    • c)  Noble gas configuration of Li+ and completely filled 's' configuration of B
    • d)  Completely filled 's' configuration of Li+ and Noble gas configuration of B+
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  • 5. Which of the following obeys Lewis octet rule ?

    • a)  BH3, Al2Cl6
    • b)  B2H6, Al2Cl6
    • c)  B(OH)3, Na3Al(OH)6
    • d)  B2H6, Na3Al(OH)6
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